Carl Jung —Achieving Individuality and Unifying our Mind

The Structure Of The Psych

Jung came up with a framework for understanding the structure of the psyche, and he believed it was composed of the following:

The Persona

In every interaction with others, we tend to present an exaggerated version of ourselves, in the hopes of making an impression. For example, the character we display at work or school is probably not the same at home.

The Shadow

While the persona is essentially the idea of obedience to expectations, the shadow is everything that we have denied in ourselves and cast into oblivion. It’s everything that the ego has refused to associate with itself, but that we can notice in other people — such things might include our sexuality, spontaneity, aggression, instincts, cowardice, carelessness, passion, enthusiasm, love of material possessions. It embraces all those sins, dark thoughts, and moods for which we felt guilt and shame.

The Anima/Animus

The anima is essentially the female component of the male psyche, and the animus is the male component of the female psyche.

The Self

Jung believed that if one manages to overcome the persona and integrate one’s shadow and the aspects of the anima/animus they possess, they can now enter into the highest reaches of the psyche. The archetype of wholeness, which Jung refers to as the self, is considered the most significant of all archetypes.



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