• Henry


    Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer at Content Fly. Startup tech lead with interests in Mobile, Blockchain, Decentralized App, AI & Deep Learning, Quant Finance

  • An Hoang

    An Hoang

  • Tariq Sulley

    Tariq Sulley

  • Emmanueljustice


  • Paul Bratby

    Paul Bratby

    Founder of Global Trading Software a marketplace bringing professional trading indicators, Auto traders & trading strategies to multiple platforms

  • Pooja Bethi

    Pooja Bethi

    An engineer through training, designer at heart and a product manager by profession.

  • Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

    Suzanne Marie Punch, aka "Zaina Starr

    I am a writer. I write poetry and articles on Medium. I strive to be the different one in the crowd. Follow me.

  • Venky Ramana

    Venky Ramana

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