Laozi and the Philosophy of Flow

He really travelled on a water buffalo!

What is Daoism?

Buddha, Confucius, and Laozi tasting vinegar

1. Make more time for stillness.

‘To the mind that is still, the whole mind surrenders’, Lao Zi said. We need to start to let go of our schedules, worries and complex thoughts for a bit, and simply ‘experience the world’. We spend so much of our lives hurrying from one thing to another.

2. Always have unconditional kindness

Lao Zi often liked to find examples of his beliefs in nature. He often compared unconditional kindness to water. Water is a resource that helps all around it, refuses to compete with anyone, and never chooses to wait for praise, traveling back to the lowest point of the ground.

3. When we are still and patient, we should be open

‘Empty yourselves of everything, let your mind become still.’



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